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The Whiskey Sour Sports Bar - Customer Appreciation 3-Point Program

Ok all Whiskey Sour Sports Bar fans, we have a new program to show our customers our appreciation for everything you do for us!

All you need to do is interact with our 3 types of portals online and you get a reward when you show the bartenders or managers proof of interaction.

1) Connect with our blog here on our website and add a comment.

2) Find us on Google Maps or Yelp and review us online.

3) Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of our upcoming social media portals and comment to us there as well.

All 3 points hit and you get a $1 shot, or draft beer, with other types of prizes being considered for the future such as free 50/50 raffle entries, and free items off the new food menu!

More to come so stay tuned and connect with us online & tell your friends will ya?!!!

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